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Money Market Funds Summary

Performance shown is historical and does not guarantee future results. Current performance may be lower or higher. For current month-end performance information, call 800.677.3863. Performance assumes the reinvestment of dividends and capital gains.

The 7-day current yield quotation, rather than the total return quotation, more closely reflects the current earnings of the fund.

Subsidized yields reflect fee waivers in effect.  Without such waivers, yields would be reduced.  Unsubsidized yields do not reflect fee waivers in effect. 

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Stable NAV Funds
Information as of 12/12/2018
Cumulative Return as of 11/30/2018
Average Annualized Total Returns
as of 9/30/2018
Fund Name
Ticker Symbol
Transaction NAV
7-Day Subsidized
7-Day UnSubsidized
1 mth
3 mth
1 yr
3 yr
5 yr
10 yr
Since Incept.
Inception Date
Government Obligations FGUXX 31846V211 $1.00 2.15% 2.04% 0.18 0.51 -- -- -- -- -- 1.02 2/26/2018
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